easyPush at a Glance

easyPush is an iPad based, software-as-a-service solution. It provides businesses with the opportunity to push latest presentations, sales- and marketing material to their sales force. The solution targets the direct sales force as well as all other stakeholders that depend on up-to-date information on the go. easyPush is an independent iPad application receiving a constant feed via content management system (CMS). The CMS in turn can be fed by data from your existing environment, for example by ERP, CRM or other legacy systems. This ensures that your sales force stays up-to-date on your latest products and services, which in turn can be presented using the clean and simple easyPush interface.

Out-of-the-Box Functionalities

easyPush is a SaaS product which gets updated on an regular basis and has a clear roadmap in place – the core modules fulfill most business needs and are instantly available. In case there is still a gap with regards to the offered core functionality, easyPush can be 100% tailored to your business needs. No matter what kind of customization is needed, easyPush offers extremely good flexibility to adopt to various legacy systems like SAP, SharePoint or Oracle.

Core modules of easyPush are:
  • Dynamic Content Management
  • User and Content Segmentation
  • Basic Order Module
  • HTML-5 Interactive Content Module
  • Survey and e-Learning Module
  • User and Content Analytics Modul

Instant AvailabilityInstant Availability

Regardless whether the iPad has an internet connection at the time the user wants to show and present content, all easyPush functionalities will work without any delay. All content and interaction is also fully available in offline-mode. All the data (content, videos, images, etc.) is stored locally on the iPad device. Updates are sent via the easyPush middleware to the devices. The easyPush app recognizes when data changes are available and runs the update automatically. easyPush synchronizes your data whenever you are online, and there is no need for redeploying the App after the update. When offline, you still have access to your documents – allowing you to make presentations and take orders.

User-based content segmentationUser-based Content Segmentation

Every device can be managed individually or grouped thanks to the easyPush backend system. By using group roles and permissions, only desired content gets pushed to the users device. This functionality allows the system administrator to specify which navigation elements are visible within the easyPush application and which documents are available. Changes made by the easyPush backend system are instantly visible on the iPad.

Use Case:
    • Segmenting by Sales Region
    • Segmenting by Sales Channel
    • Individuel Data per Touchpoint
    • POS and Direct Sales

Connection to legacy systemsConnection to Legacy Systems

In most cases companies have their legacy systems for customer-relationship-management, content management or warehousing already in place. Therefore easyPush offers proven solutions for the integration into existing systems. Thereby you achieve long-term sustainability and avoid any IT redundancies.

These systems were already integrated:
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • SAP
    • Oracle
    • JD Edwards

Order managementOrder Management

Conducting the complete process of order management via the easyPush iPad application closes the loop of the entire sales process. Using easyPush enables paperless selling with the iPad. On the one hand, this provides a dramatic increase in business efficiency for your sales force. On the other hand, you benefit from lower sales costs by the smaller need for brochures and other sales material. Using easyPush as ordering tool can be implemented in different ways and depends on the businesses needs. It varies from an simple order system to a highly sophisticated order tool with ERP integration and SAP functionalities onboard.

Different Level of Order Management via easyPush:
    • Basic: Transferring oder files via FTP/XML
    • Enhanced: Material & Pricing Information from ERP System
    • Fully integrated into existing ERP Systems like SAP

Product presentationProduct Presentation

Presenting products and services on the iPad brings you closer to your customer. easyPush allows presenting your products and services in an attractive manner on the iPad, with video presentations and images. Various document types are supported to ensure that the entire sales pitch can be covered on the iPad. The content management of all materials is done centrally by the easyPush backend system for content administrators or internal sales support and works by “drop and drag”. In addition, a seamless integration to existing data sources (e.g. Microsoft SharePoint) can be realized with only minor customization.

Available formats within easyPush:
    • PDF Files
    • Image Slideshows
    • Movies
    • Interactive HTML-5 Assets
    • Office Documents (e.g. Excel and Word)