There’s an Answer for That

We update the FAQ with regards to the easyPush product on a regular basis. If you have a question which you couldn’t find in this section, we are happy to answer your request in person.

What is easyPush?

easyPush is a new way to communicate with your clients and keeps your sales force updated on your products and services. Furthermore, easyPush provides a more interactive and efficient communication with your customers.

How does easyPush work?

easyPush is an independent iOS application that retrieves its data from a central server via a content management system (CMS).

Is easyPush only working on the iPad?

easyPush is a platform independent product. However, our experience shows that Apple’s iOS is ideal for enterprise applications.

Why should we use a tablet if we already use laptops?

easyPush in combination with a tablet gives you the most versatile usability. Tablets are easy to use, instant on and provide an extended battery live. Initial investments in tablets are much lower than in laptops, and maintenance and licensing costs are also significantly lower.

Can I integrate your solution with my CMS?

easyPush can be connected with other content management systems. But we cannot guarantee that every CMS in the market will work seamlessly.

Can I integrate your solution into my CRM/ERP system?

easyPush can be integrated into most common CRM/ERP systems. Our software engineers will be working together with your IT personnel to provide a smooth integration into your existing systems.

Does easyPush substitute my current CRM/ERP system?

easyPush is not a substitution for your current systems, but gives your workforce an easy to use interface, allowing them to be more productive and efficient when they are out in the field.

Can I use your solution also offline?

easyPush is meant to be used off- and online. It stores data entered in an offline mode and synchronizes it when online. So your field sales force does not have to worry about  working offline.  Whenever easyPush is online it will automatically receive the newest data.

What features should we use for the iPad (3G, WIFI, storage capacity)?

There is no general answer to this question, we are happy to help you during the evaluation phase with acquiring the right hardware for your needs.

What are the costs to set up and maintain?

We provide a simple ASP model where you can choose out of a basic, professional and enterprise solution. Maintenance costs are in average 20%. We are happy to meet with you and explain our price model as well as the solution.

Why use easyPush and not just simply the iPad with current configuration and integrate documents and files in iBooks?

The iPad provides with iBooks a bookshelf for people; and like in real life, everybody has a different bookshelf. Our unified solution keeps your sales force always up-to-date with newest files and deletes those which are not applicable anymore. With easyPush, you do not have to be worried that your people are not up to date. You control and execute updates from a central platform. With detailed statistics you can check whether people are using your material and what performance is achieved. easyPush can display different types of files in one single application. So you do not have to switch between different apps on the iPad.

Advantages of easyPush versus web based solution (e.g. Intranet for sales force)?

In comparison to web based solutions you do not need to worry about 3rd party software issues (browser and user rights). easyPush runs on the iPad as an independent application, not available on the Appstore and neither influenced by any 3rd party software. For intranet solutions you have to be online and connected through a VPN. But to use it, easyPush does not need any Internet connection.

How secure is my data?

Our solution transmits data on a secure https protocol (SSL). The ability to remotely wipe or lock every iPad in use gives you more security. Our solution is even more secure than any company email. easyPush presents all the data, but does not let you change, forward or delete any data on the device; everything is centrally steered and supervised.

Can I use the iPad solution for my iPhones?

easyPush strengths are in presenting the solutions on a large screen. On request we can migrate it to a solution for iPhone.

If the app is not on the Appstore, how do you load it on an iPad?

With an Enterprise License issued by Apple®, you have the ability to install the application wirelessly on all iPads belonging to your company.

How long does it take to implement easyPush?

Implementation time can take from 2 to 6 months depending on the needs of the customer and the degree of customization.